ScPrime Telegram Bot

Here you find more information about the ScPrime Telegram Bot and how to start your status Bot for 24/7 status updates for your storage network. But without self-hosting!

Telegram Bot

The ScPrime Telegram bot is created to give status updates about your storage provider. The bot can also notify you about status changes on your page.


Uptime Robot

To check if your storage provider is online we build an uptime robot into the ScPrime Telegram Bot. The uptime robot within the Telegram bot will check every 5 minutes if your storage provider is still online. You’ll only get an update when the status changes. If you want to see data from the last scan use “/status”.

Grafana updates

If the status changes for your storage provider on the ScPrime Telegram Bot will send you a notification. At the moment the bot will scan if your provider is online, accepting contracts and if the ports are open. To enable this feature use “/enablegrafana”.

To get more information about the storage providers uptime and used storage use “/grafana”.


This Bot will just give information. In no event shall we be liable for any claims, penalties, loss, damage or expenses with your use of this Bot. If you continue to use this Telegram Bot, we assume that you agree.

Get started

To start using the Telegram Bot scan the QR-code or go to the following URL:

In the Telegram bot click on “Start” or use the command /start and follow the configuration wizard.


ScPrime Status Bot commands:

/providers – Shows active status bots
/status – Get data from last uptime robot scan
/grafana – Get status data from
/enablegrafana – Enable automatic Grafana updates
/disablegrafana – Disable automatic Grafana updates
/help – Overview off all commands
/addProvider To add your storage provider & start your ScPrime status bot
/deleteProvider To delete your storage provider & delete your ScPrime status bot



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